Besides fuel supplies and other areas of services, ORICHE also has modern convenient stores called ‘HERITAGE’.  HERITAGE has been a brand name from a sound background of ORICHE.

HERITAGE has all the product lines to satisfy the needs of the consumers which includes water, soft drinks, confectioneries, refreshments, snacks, biscuits, fruits, salads, magazine, newspaper, toiletries, deodorants, various accessories, gifts, personal grooming, sunglasses and floral supplies.

In HERITAGE stores we maintain the highest standard of hygiene and hospitality. Moreover, HERITAGE is most preferred both by the youths and the young.

HERITAGE Branded Stores are located in ORICHE Petrol Stations with Successful Business Model.

Our Strategy – We developed partnership strategies with branded bakery, confectionaries and ice cream.

Features of HERITAGE:

  • Open 12 hours
  • Affordable price
  • Fresh Bakery and Coffee
  • Food and Consumables
  • Exceptional Customer Care
  • One Stop Shop for your Daily Needs
  • Offers goods and services
  • Laundry and Mail Services