Domestic Gas

The heat produced from LPG as a source of energy is used to provide a variety of purposes, such as cooking, clothes dryer and heating water in washers. We have 12.5 kg and 6 kg cylinders suitable for residential, small homes and villa customers, and small families. Here you will be delighted by the convenience of safer, light weight and transparent composite glass-fiber LPG cylinders. The composite cylinders are safe, light weigh, 50% less weight than steel cylinder, translucent, non-explosive and non-corrosive. Our cooking gas price is very competitive in order to ensure that everyone has access to clean and affordable cooking fuel.

Commercial Bulk LPG Supply

We supply LPG and associated components for the purposes of installation of LPG tanks in retailers’ shop, restaurants, bakeries, catering businesses and hotel. Four our customers who want to save on money or to just become a retailer, the best option for them is to install LPG Tanks. The provision of maintenance services of the system would be under the responsibilities of the gas tanks.

Great for you

ORICHE Sales Operations division manages the sale, and delivery of domestic and commercial gas to the approved customers’ locations.

Please send your order/requests for commercial and bulk delivery to:

Telephone: +234 (0) 8162243816