We are an emerging petroleum products marketer and distributor in the region. We strive to market and distribute petroleum products across Nigeria and beyond.

Our Business

ORICHE fuels. Enriching our transport. ORICHE is a distributor of fuels of different grades and brand within Nigeria.

ORICHE oil and grease are a complete range of automotive and industrial lubricants developed to suit all types of vehicles and industrial requirements.

Besides fuel supplies and other areas of services, ORICHE also has modern convenient stores called ‘HERITAGE’.

ORICHE provides remarkable Auto Care service with maximum comfort and great value for money.

With our commitment to cardinal business ethics and corporate compliance. We are able to deliver the highest quality of work with stipulated time frame

A choice of Safe, Economical and Environmentally friendly gas.

Oriche Training Institute (OTI) has a structured training scheme that underpins the operational integrity of an oil and gas industry as well as construction and maritime industries.