ORICHE is a distributor of fuels of different grades and brand within Nigeria.

ORICHE’s branded service stations offer customers the best in customer service and daily needs. Our staff are trained in excellence service and attend to customers with friendly, professional and efficient service. The core of ORICHE’s business is our fuels. All our fuels which include gasoline ‘petrol’, diesel and kerosene are superior in quality. Our fuels have the top quality and most accurate measurement in the region. Our exceptional petrol stations include auto-care services, maintenance and Heritage stores. We serve our customers with utmost honesty and dedication.


The soul of ORICHE’s business is our fuels, petrol, diesel and kerosene. ORICHE plan to provide bulk fuel supply services to meet the demands of all our customers. For the smooth and continuous operations of customers’ businesses and homes, ORICHE provides fuels and facilities and services to manage the storage and handling of the delivered fuel at the customer offices and premises.

ORICHE Sales Operations division manages the sale, carriage and delivery of bulk fuels to the approved customers’ locations.

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ORICHE Sales Operations division manages the sale, carriage, and delivery of fuel to the approved customers’ locations.

To request for your oil and grease supply, kindly contact our sales division:

Telephone: +234 (0) 8162243816